San Fransicsco Old Bay Bridge Pen Blanks


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These blanks are from the old Growth Redwood used to build the eastern portion of the Old Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  The old San Francisco Bridge, A Landmark architectural piece for the Bay Area, was completed on November 12, 1936. Following the partial collapse of the upper deck during the 1989 LomaPrieta Earthquake, construction of a now self anchored suspension bridge began in 2002. Demolition of the damaged span of Bay Bridge began in November 2013. This wood is is taken from the redwood that protected the base of two piers. The protection this barrier provided during the Cosco Busan oil spill of 2007, in which a container ship crashed into one of the towers, is a testament to its strength and historical value. this is for 1 blank and 1 COA. other COAs may be purchased for $1 extra.


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