Manning Goddard House


Manning- Goddard Haunted House 3/4″ x 5″ standard pen plank.

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Center of Redstone Arsenal’s Haunted History:

The Plantation home was built in 1835, and used by Union Forces during the Civil War. VIP’s that stayed in the house after the army took over in 1941 would often leave after one night. They reported having heard crying babies, barking dogs, and doors opening and closing. Military police reported lights would turn on in the home without explanation and their dogs refused to enter the house. Even after the house was moved from its original location, the mysterious happenings and ghostly apparitions did not stop.

A report from a young woman who lived in the house for several years duing the 1920’s said, “One morning my mother and sister-in-law were in the kitchen. My sister-in-law was churning and my mother was washing dishes. My Sister-in-law said, look there’s a dog. It was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, and it was soaking wet, even though the sun was shining outside. It had the body of a dog and face of an old man. The sister-in-law threw a stick of stove wood at it, but missed, It turned around. My mother followed it, and it just disappeared”


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