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Looking for Suppliers

If you have some wood with a story to sell, and would like me to post your item as a link to your email, please send me an email to so that i can work on the second part of this site which allows people searching for wood with a story/history to get in contact with you. You will be the one maintaining the inventory, collecting payment and shipping. the only items I have on this site are what I have in stock that I can control. I currently am not collecting any fees for posts that will get customers to you, nor fees for sales as I wont be involved. Again this is just a name of the wood, with a link you the email address you wish to be contacted at.

Example is as Follows:

Fort Nelson Louisville KY Pen Blanks – Daniel Ahner  – – website:

Again that is the example of what would post. No mentions of Prices unless you ask me to or inventory as I cannot keep track of these.